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Complement your Spanish lessons with Music!

Have you noticed how certain students always outstand from the rest? Many times we get the impression that they find the language easier to learn than we do, or that they have previous knowledge because their family speak such language, or because it is their second time taking up that course. We might even envy them because we wish we had the same “gift” they have. Well, the truth is that only we are responsible for our learning, however great lessons can be. For example, when taking Spanish classes in Chicago students count on native Spanish speaking qualified trainers who help them not only understand the technical aspects of the language (grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etc.) but also convey the cultural nuances behind it, which only a native speaker is familiar with. Perhaps the first piece of advice towards natural acquisition of Spanish is learning from a native speaker.

There are lots of things you can do to complement your lessons. Perhaps these outstanding students (who tend to be 1 every 20 students) take 20 extra minutes a day for studying in an unconventional way. What does “studying in an unconventional way” mean?

Everyone loves music. You love music. Then why not try exploring the Spanish music? It doesn’t have to limit to Flamenco whatsoever. In fact, there’s a lot of great music, of all genres, coming from Latin America. You must have heard about Juanes, a great Colombian singer that plays groovy pop songs with his fender telecaster guitar. How about the old works by Shakira? Give a chance to “¿Dónde están los ladrones?” (Where are the Thieves?) According to the official story the title of this album was conceived by a misfortunate event experienced by Shakira. While waiting in an airport in Bogotá, Shakira’s bag containing all the lyrics and partitures for her new record was stolen. There are many other artists that will delight your ears with their music in Spanish, while helping you grasp more words, and natural sounding expressions. Take for example, Marc Anthony, Luis Miguel, Ricky Martin and Paulina Rubio. While taking Spanish classes New York students are starting to use this effective strategy.

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